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You two aren't guys in black t-shirts, can you really play music?

YES! Not only can we play it, we can mix it together, too! That's right, folks! We plug in our cute little USB sticks, beat match the shit out of some tracks, and use all the fancy knobs and buttons the boys are using! As well as being competent DJs, we're also in the studio working on our own beats. GIRL POWER! 


What kind of music do you play?

House! All of it! ALL the house! However, tech house is really our jam. We’ve nicknamed our particular style “party tech” and for good reason! We’re all about high energy tech house with fun (and often NSFW ) vocals and basslines that you can’t help but dance to, plus some bass house- and Dirtybird-leaning tracks thrown in to spice things up!

Does it really take two of you to DJ?

Well, no... but two heads of house music make super-human house head powers. Plus, it's WAY more fun this way.